Microfilm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Microfilms, Microfiche etc

  1. What is a Microfilms?
    It is a storage media in which we can store lot many information regarding Engineering drawings, Blue prints, important epics or books and images. It is a roll of film normally made of polyester with silver hailde dyes. The film is either in 35mm or in16 mm size.
  2. What are the advantages of Microfilm?
    There are many advantages first it can store informatons. Secondally these Microfilms can be preserved for almost 500 years if stored proper ambient temperature. They are small in size and easy to handle.
  3. What are the disadvantages of Microfilms?
    These films cannot be read with normal eyesight. A magnifying lens is required toread them. Alternately a special type of reader device is required to extract the available information from the film. It has limited reproduction span. Proper storing facilities are required.
  4. Where are Microfilms mainly used?
    They are mainly used in Airline industries, Militry establishments and in ship manufacturing industries.
  5. Can we use scanner along with Microfilm?
    Yes,we can use scanner to scan the important documents and images.
  6. What is the process in Microfilming?
    First the image is formed on the film with the help of a special camera.Then the processing is carried out.Next the film is covered with a jacket for safeguarding it and last is the duplicating process.
  7. What is the time taken to convert the message into Microfilm?
    It depends on the size of the information.
  8. What is the life span of Microfilm?
    It depends on the region and surrounding atmosphere.They are not to be preserved in humid atmosphere.Microfilms can be preserved for more than 400 years in proper airconditioning.
  9. How many documents can be scanned per day?
    It depends on the type of scanner equipment .A high speed scanner can scan thousands of documents per day.
  10. What is Microfiche ?
    It is an advanced form of Microfilm, also called as Microform.Microfilm is in the form of roll, either in 16 or 35mm,where as Microfiche is a plastic file card.
  11. Can a person read the images on the Microfiche with normal eyesight?
    No, a magnifying optic lens is required.
  12. Can we acces the Microfiche from remote distance?
    Yes, we can do it with help of special equipments.
  13. What are the advenatages of Microfiche?
    They are small in size.They are more reliable than Microfilms.Easy to regenarate the image.Image clarity is better than Microfilms.
  14. What are the types of Microfiche or Microforms?
    There are mainly three types of Microforms,Diazo,Vesicular and Silver gelatin Microforms.
  15. What for Continuous tone Microfilms are used?
    They are mainly used for getting bright contrast negetives.
  16. What for Microfilm scanner is used?
    Microfilm scanner is used for sccanning the film and for detecting the bad files and errors.
  17. What are the main features of Microflm scanner?
    High efficiency,High speed, high resolutions,Remoting facilities, Simple editing,Convertion to digital formats and zooming are the some of the important features of the Microfilm scanner.
  18. Can we convert Microfilm into digital format?
    Yes,it can be done with the other devices and proper process is to be followed.
  19. Can we convert Microfilm image on to the CD?
    Yes ,we convert the image on CD but proper process is to be followed.
  20. How many Microfilms can be accomdiated on a single CD?
    Approximately 5 Microfilm rolls can be accomdiated on on CD.